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Replace 4000 Engine?

I have used the web server, but not enough info.

I want to replace my engine (or only grind my valves, since running at Watkins Glen I am 
low on compression in number 1, I probably ticked a valve) in an 84 4000S Quattro.
I keep seeing "you can put in a Turbo" but my local mechanic just replaced a Turbo in a 
5000 Turbo, and it is totally non obvious to either of us how to go about this.  Does 
anyone sell such service in UpState New York or even DownState or Boston.....

Given all the plumbing and wires and other neat stuff, why isn't the question instead 
asked about replacing a 10 valve with a 20 valve?  Too much $$$$$?  Doesn't bolt in?

If I decide on more power, maybe I should look into getting an experienced shop...

If I were to want to redo my 88 VW Syncro at some point, similar questions.  

rob m

PS:  My third vehicle is a 58 Cab - porsche, and we keep changing generations of engines 
in that pretty easy, with occasional huge puzzles.  I don't want surprises, and may 
hence just do the valves.

PPS:  Why no quattro Cabrio's?  I bet they would sell like mad in LA.

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