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Re: TT

> Does anyone really like the Audi TT?
> Does it come in Quattro?  I'm sorry, but I just think the car is plain ugly.
> Interesting perhaps, but mostly just ugly.

Based on the VW platform, TT and TTS will be available in VW's synchro -- 
although the engine will come from the I4t of the A4.

TT/TTS looks like VW's Concept 1 (a la Beetle) and Renault (?) Argos 
smooshed together. Butt ugly.

Not only that, I saw unofficial sketch (alternative?) of new A6/S6 -- it 
looks like TT/TTS with 2 more doors. If Audi's gonna make the new A6/S6 
look like over-grown TT/TTS, I know I won't be considering any of the 

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