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Club activities

I applaud Marshall Fletcher for pitcing in his information.
Perhaps Karen will jump in with some more info on this point,
and help foster the spirit of openness that is desired.

There may be a point or two that I should addto this discussion.  

1.)	Are we comparing prices to events with instruction, or without.

While some instructors may be volunteers, that does not reduce the value added. 
It is possible to get training by going to say Skip Barber or Bob Bondurant, 
or someplace with prepared cars, but you having to fork over $2-5K to do it.
If there are cheaper alternatives that do offer quality instruction, the
locals can attend them.  There is supposed to be at least one track event 
per year. I would like to make it a sure it is good one. 

2.)	If the Quattro club events aren't worth every penny paid,
then there is plenty of blame to go around, and those on the payrole,
those who volunteer, and especially those who DON'T have to shoulder
some of it.

So, please, if you want it to work well and cost less, let's work on 
creative solutions.  Find local members who will put you up.  As about 
camp sites, and most of all, volunteer!  Help us keep quality up, and 
cost down. I'll bet there is nothing national would like more than for these 
events to be run totally by local chapters.  Less pain for them.  That 
means we would need help.  We can control some of these costs better locally.
So make it happen, get involved. It doesn't have to be that expensive.
Also, promote the events.  Did you notice most of these events have a
fairly fixed overhead.  Get the turnout up, and costs will drop.

paul timmerman
local chapter president
socal qcusa
pasadena ca