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Re: so i'm new...

> ok, so what we have is a car that is only 2825# with a 2.2l 5-cyl and 
> awd!! no wonder it handles well. its light!  how light can it be made 
> for solo racing?

Uh, I hate to break this to you but 2825 pounds is anything but light for a
car with a normally-aspirated 2.2L motor!  As for Solo II weights, only the
Prepared & Mod classes have minimum weights: In E-Prepared, for example, it
is 1.05lb/cc with a 1600 lb. minimum and 2300 lb. maximum.  The only 4kq in
the class competing at the National level has a gutted interior, steel body
panels, no bumpers, etc. and it has to carry 180 pounds of ballast to reach
2300 lbs ... with composite body panels and some money spent on it, I think
they could drop another 125-150 pounds without too much effort.  Of course,
that means they'd have to run that much more in ballast to keep it legal...

FWIW, even with a multi-point rollcage in my FWD 4k, I'm figuring on adding
at least 160 lbs of ballast to make my minimum weight of 1865 pounds.  If I
can afford to make some carbon fiber body panels -- the materials alone run
over $1,500! -- and buy some lightweight wheels and brakes, I should get it
pretty close to 1650 lbs. without ballast...

BTW, the rollcage is (finally) nearing completion ... it looks pretty trick
with a cross-brace running diagonally across the windshield opening and the
many other braces running here-and-there.  I'll post up some photos when it
has wheels & stuff on it and starts looking like a car again...

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