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Re: TT

sorry, but i disagree.  the tt and tts are sensational.  the press have been very positive (have a look at the article in british "car" magazine april '96 issue for proof (including a test drive)...

the detailing is superb.  it owes nothing to anyone (ie it's not derivative, apart from the bauhaus influence), and it will lead fashion and taste rather than follow it.

car design is becoming more emotional.  and audi is leading the pack.  teriffic!

while i'm still awaiting details of the rs4 from my dealer, audi have confirmed the s4 will be a twin turbo 265hp 30 valve 2.8 litre v6 with quattro.  seems a little odd to me that this car will end up competing with the a4 1.8t specials (mtm, avantegarde etc).  still we'll have to wait and see.