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RE: 91 V8Q

> chassis. For anyone who cares, the retrofit brake part number is 441 615
> 301A for the normal ones. Im pretty sure this 'part' is no longer
> available new from audi, but there are rumors of a few of the kits still
> available.

I found a kit in a local shop last month and put it on my wife's '91 200TQ.
Still in the original shipping carton, I paid $1000 for it.  The mechanic
I bought it from (a V8 collector) got it from Audi under warranty but never
installed it before selling the car.

The kit included new strut towers, tie rods, rotors, calipers, brake sensor
cabling and miscellaneous replacement odds and ends.  I put in Boge Turbo
Gas shocks at the same time - they may feel a little too stiff now that the
unsprung weight has dropped.  Anyway, braking is much more confident and I'm
not too concerned that the new system is under-equipped to deal with the
weight of the car.  Handling is much better.

Replaced the rear suspension lower control arm (front end) bushings at the
same time and have lost a rattle that had been steadily growing worse
since last summer.  The car had become practically undrivable except on the
highway.  No one I talked to diagnosed it correctly except Jim
Blau(furvnugen - many thanks!), not our dealer, the Audi rep, or any of
the local mechanics.  Maybe it's in the FAQ, I don't know - haven't dug
through that for a couple years.  It should be.

I'm sure there must be more of these kits out there - stashed in garages
and dealerships.  Finding them is the problem.

Gib Copeland
'82 Coupe
'91 200TQ
'93 S4