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Re: Club activities

  I agree with most of your points.  I wanted to add that while I would
like to reduce costs, we first have to know what the costs are!  You
mention 2-5K for Skippy school.  Well... I was offered more or less a stand
by opportunity at the Rock last year.  If, and or , friend where willing to
take very short notice, we could do their 2 day driving school for, I
believe, $725.  This included(professional instruction obviously) skid pad
and lapping with 5 Dodge models including the Viper!  With the cost just
above 2 QClub events, for me it's almost no choice.   
   The other factor I didn't mention was that I brought 2 other full paying
participants last year, and would have brought at least 2 this year, and so
hopefully the snowball goes.  If you price someone out, you may lose more
than just that one revenue source, so there may be some truth to the lower
margin high turnover approach.! (I LOST MONEY ON EVERY ONE BUT MADE UP FOR