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RE: so i'm new...

Uh, I hate to break this to you but 2825 pounds is anything but light for a
car with a normally-aspirated 2.2L motor!  

True, but, at 2820 (R&T March, 1984) pounds the '84 4000SQ is *the lightest* Quattro you are going to find (in the US) and an easy 1000 Lbs lighter Vs a 5KSQ/100Q with ~the same power.

As for Solo II weights, only the
Prepared & Mod classes have minimum weights: In E-Prepared, for example, it
is 1.05lb/cc with a 1600 lb. minimum and 2300 lb. maximum.  The only 4kq in
the class competing at the National level has a gutted interior, steel body
panels, no bumpers, etc. and it has to carry 180 pounds of ballast to reach
2300 lbs

Wow! Only 2120 Lbs w/out ballast? I have  *lot* more work to do lightening the '84 4KQ RR! 

SCCA SOLO II's lowly HS-prepped 4KQs rule FFD *and* FTD on wet days - I wonder what a lightened and prep'd 4KQ could do....scary to think.....no wonder they are outlaws in RR     :)