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Re: good roads

I'm sorry that I'm jumping on this thread so late, but I just managed to 
clear out my mailbox. One great route in VT is Route 17. Pass through 
Warren, VT and then turn left onto 17. Pass by Mad Mountain Tavern on 
left ($1 pints of microbrews on Mondays) and head past Sugarbush North 
and Mad River Glen. This road is posted at 50mph, but where it says 15mph 
you should pay attention. Great switchbacks. The road may be a little 
ratty after this winter though. This will take you to Route 116N which 
runs into Burlington. If you want to do a loop, head south on 116 to 125E 
in Middlebury, which is a nice 50mph twister that runs back into 100. 

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"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."