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Copy of Form 990

	Where is the QClub's principal place of business or principal 
office?  Once you know that, you can get the form 990 or 990EZ by doing 
the following:

	Get IRS form 4506 fill it out and mail, along w/ $14 to the IRS 
regional office for the state where the principal place of business is 
	The list of regional offices is long.  I'm taking a few shots, 
but this is not complete:

	If office in Colorado?  mail form and money to P.O. Box 9953 
Photocopy Unit Stop 6734 Ogden UT 84409;

	if in:  Minn., Ill., Iowa, Mo., or Wis:  mail form and money to 
2306 E. Bannester Road Photocopy Unit Stop 57A K.C. Mo., 64999

	If I missed, let me know where office is and I'll get you the 
address.  Best bet?  Expecially if you are a member:  Call the QClub and 
demand a copy of Form 990 or 990 EZ, whichever was filed.