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Mobil 1 Transmission Gear Oil

I finally found Mobil 1 75W90 synthetic gear oil for the transmission and rear

My shifting has been noticeably notchy since 135K miles when I had the oil
changed for the first time with regular dino oil. This winter when very cold it
was almost impossible to put into reverse without going forward first.

Now with the car having 174K on it, I put Mobil 1 gear oil in. GREAT RESULTS
IMMEDIATELY. The shifting is much smoother, I can shift much faster with no
notches. Getting into first and reverse is no problem.

Has anyone else had these symptoms after changing their manual transmission
fluid? I know I have seen people complain of it before. If so, look up Oil,
Lubricating in the yellow pages and you can find a Mobil 1 distributor. Call
them and see if they will sell it to you direct or if not, ask who they sell to
so you can buy it from them. Usually there will be Mobil gas stations that buy
it, not many though. I paid $9.95 per quart. Took four quarts to do gear box and
rear differential.

Paul Waterloo

87 5KSQ