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Engine Hoist recommendati

 schulz@tif623.ed.ray.com (Peter Schulz) asks:
 PS> We are looking one that can be easily stored when not in use.
 PS> Sam's carries an American-made 2 ton hoist for about $250.

 PS> Do any listers have any recommendations????

     Just about any hoist will work fine.  If you want problem
     free hoisting you absolutly need an engine hoist positioner.
     I don't know if this is what it's called, but it's a tool
     that goes on the hoist's hook, where you normally put the
     engine chains.  I've tried several types, and the best type
     to get are the ones with a crank handle. The crank handle drives
     a large screw, which, when attached to the outgoing/incoming engine,
     lets you make minute adjustments to angle/height ect. without
     having to strongarm it in.  The steeper the attainable angle
     the better, especially if you're going to pull engines and 
     tranny's in one piece. There are some expensive European ones
     on the market, but stay away from them, instead of the 
     screw setup, they have slots to position the engine angle,
     which means you have to make your adjustments Before you
     put weight on it.  

     Another important thing to look for are the caster
     wheels, and whether they articulate well or not. You don't want to
     find out you can't clear the front tie bar because the hoists 
     wheels are cocked and won't budge as I did once.  (But they 
     ALL have that dimple in the tie bar...honest...) 


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