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Oil Leak - 5KCSTQ

         I need some expertise on an oil leak on the right side on the
         engine near the front.  The leak appears to be near the exhaust
         manifold front runner.  If I did't know better I would say it's
         coming from the exhaust manifold.  I checked the oil supply line
         to the turbo and it appears to be ok.  Is there an oil passage in
         the head near the exhaust manifold front runner studs?  I don't
         think the oil is coming from the valve cover but I did order a new
         valve cover gasket in hopes that this is somehow the problem.   I
         fear I have a crack in the head...Has anyone seen a head cracked
         in this area?  Some words of wisdom would be appreciated...


                                    Sal Nicosia
                                    '87 5KCSTQ
                                    '91 MB300E
                                    '77 VETTE