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clubbed to death

I've listened to all of the talk with respect to the quattro club. I even
went so far as to send Karen a private email some weeks back when she first
appeared, asking for QCUSA's position on the NW Quattro Club contretemp.
I was interested in hearing both sides of the story. What I got was her
(their) story -- quite a bit defensive.

There was an analagous situation some years back in the BMW motorcycle
camp. As a result we now have BMWMOA and BMWRA as international clubs
promoting to BMW marque. Both now coexist peacefully and many people are
members of both (myself included).

There is a further analogy here in that the BMW list (about 1400 strong)
now represents the largest single 'club' within either the MOA or the RA.
Some people in club management resent this and have used their public
forums, e.g. magazine to state opposition to the 'Internet Nonsense'.

It's deja vu all over again...

My question to this list (as it represents alot of talented and resourceful
folks) is:

    Why can't we sanction our own club?

I'd certainly be willing to participate if the majority agrees.

steve powers                         stratos product development group
spowers@spdg.com                     seattle, washington