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Re: Quattro Club

[from Al Powell]

>OK - if you Quattro club folks are following this debate (which is a
>polite term for the roastine you're getting), here are my comments as
>NON-member...who you would probably like to have as a member.
[comments on QCUSA outlook deleted]

>I am not trying to criticize QCUSA; I'm telling you exactly what
>this situation looks like from where I'm sitting, and what to do
>about it.  If there is no response, the issue is finished and I'll
>take part in whatever running joke begins about this.  (I had the
>first joke written into this post [right here] but since I'm really
>not flaming you YET I deleted it.)
>The fact is, you've already lost on this issue - because one of the
>list members has asked for your tax records.  Better beat him to the
>punch and start talking.

Didn't some car company have some problem with their cars 'accelerating' on
their own volitions some time ago in the late '80s that never cleared the
issue of whose actual fault it was to the public.

Keeping the public 'blind' is sometimes like shooting yourself in the foot.

My $30 is going to the 'keep my Audi happy' fund.

Ernest Wong