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How to fix club problems!

G'day all
I cant honestly say that I've actually read any of the innumerable posts
about  the QCUSA, but from what I've seen while deleting them, many list
members would like to see some changes and/or a new club.

I've just gone through a similar situation with a local sailing club. Its
now a windsurf club. We got together & took over control of the club. by
taking control, we have managed to save a lot of work & have all the clubs
facilities & financial recources at our disposal. Much more betterer than
starting a new club. a little traumatic for some of the old members, but
overall everyone has benefited.

The entire process was completed inside 6 weeks and took little more than
motivation and phone calls. It does rely on the club not getting wind of
what your up to, so I'm not posting details of what we did. If you want to
know how to do it, then email me directly. assuming that I readily
recognise who you are, I'll give you the details.

John Firkins
Qld Australia