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QCUSA, Breaking away

It's always a shame when car club members become so dissatisfied with the
parent organization they feel compelled to start their own club. I know
first-hand, as I was one of the founders of a Fiat club we called
"Fiat/Lancia Underground" (FLU). The parent club was run by a cantankerous
old guy who basically started it as a hobby, and then didn't want to do
anything more than print an illegible newsletter when it became successful.
After fighting and pleading with this guy for years, he told us if we didn't
like how he ran things, we should start our own club (big, big mistake). Our
new club is very successful, with only word-of-mouth advertising, a better
newsletter, plenty of regular events (his had NONE) and for the same price as
his dues. Oh, and he advertised his "non-profit" club for sale, or trade for
a motorhome....no financial statements were ever made available.
As an Audi but non-quattro owner, I'm also put off a bit by the QCUSA's name,
which suggests my 'common' Audi isn't good enough to allow me inclusion into
their club. I did belong to a rather amateur club called Audi Car Club of
America that folded several years ago. The current debate, plus the rather
high cost of membership in QCUSA, is certainly doing nothing to encourage my
joining its ranks. Their continued silence is really turning me off....I
would like to hear answers to the accusations BEFORE I send them any dues
I would hate to see the parent organization, already established, fail its
members and potential members like the Fiat club I mentioned above. But if
need be, a start-up group may be what it takes to bring enjoyment and
credibility to an enthusiasts organization. QCUSA, the clock is ticking.....

Dwight Varnes, past vice president and co-founder, Fiat Lancia Underground
86 Coupe GT, 89 Jetta GLI 16v, 67 Fiat Dino Coupe, 70 Fiat 124 Spider
P.S.  My birthday was in February; do I still qualify for the free S6?