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Re: QCUSA, Breaking away

>These same people who want to start up their own club, are the same ones who

>could make the existing club better.  I see a lot of talk, but it is just 
>that.  These people expect the "club" to do all these wonderful things, when

>in fact they ARE the "club".  If they aren't doing anything to correct 
>problems, what makes you (or anyone else) think that they will lift a finger

>to support a new club.  I suggest to all that are thinking of starting a new

>club, or want to make the current club better, DO IT.  Seems to me that a 
>of people spend too much time whining, and no time actually doing anything 
>I believe that I have said this many times, but people aren't listening.  If

>you don't like it, change it.  Don't expect others to change it for you.  
>Don't like the way the club is run, write a letter to the board - not email.

>Don't like the cost of an event?  Find a less expensive venue.  Don't 
>like the way an event is run?  Run your own.  Don't like the rag? Print your

>own.  Want businesses to give club members discounts?  Seek them out & nail 
>'em down.  National is not going to do this.
>It is not going to change unless YOU change it (not referring to you 
>specifically glen).  Bitch & moan all you want.  But neither I nor anyone 
>else will be impressed until you actually DO something.

DING, DING, DING, DING, this is a wake up call.......... People have 
written to the board to no avail.... The club answer on the books (Last 
time I got one... LAST Year) is that the books will be ready at the end 
of the first quater in 1997........... WHAT?!?!?!?!!  I'm not whining 
Marshall, I'm asking Questions that need to be asked.  I have offered to 
help to make there programs better, but the "Club" belives (By there 
actions That nothing is wrong.... Well sorrry to wake you from your DREAM 
but there is lots wrong. The Q-Club USA is NOT interested in serving it's 
members... If it was we would have the answer's... As it stands Karen 
Chadwick and the Q-Club USA have CHOSEN NOT TO ANSWER......


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO