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double sided tape removal

> Cellular antennas are generally bonded to the windows using double sided
> foam tape.  The best way to remove this that I have found is to put 
> steady traction on it from one side to kind of peel it up.  If that
> doesn't work, try using a razor blade to split the tape in two.          

Um, heat usually does the trick...in fact, I use heat to warm up the
double sided tape on auto badges on the trunk before pulling them off on
my cars. I'd expect that heat appropriately applied to the antenna would
do the same...

That having been said, I believe that the antenna may be epoxied on,
rather double sided taped on. I vaguely recall that epoxy was used to glue
mine on...

If it *is* double sided tape, borrow a hair dryer and use the low/hot
combo on the mounting point from the outside. Let run for a good five
minutes...the tape will give to a constant pulling at this point.

If it's epoxy, this *may* also work...

I've never burned paint doing this (with badges)...it is possible, I
guess, to crack the glass if you warm it too quickly...also, *don't* use a
heat gun. It does get too hot. A hair dryer is just right.

Hope that helps.

Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 70K
1988 Volvo 745T 115K