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Rear wheel bearing torque?

I replaced rear wheel bearings in my '87 5KCST a couple weeks ago, and
checked them this past weekend. They appeared to be loose. Bently doesn't
give a torque figure for the spindle nut; just says to tighten to the point
where the washer under the nut can be moved slightly without prying.
(Manual doesn't give exploded views of rear disc brakes, either, only

Anyone have a practical torque figure? I have an inch-pound torque wrench
as well as a foot-pound, if inch-pounds work better.

I've also noticed some vertical (12:00 - 6:00) play, but no horizontal (say
3:00 - 9:00 position) play in the wheel with the new bearings. Both sides
seems to be about the same.

Do I have
1. Bad bearings
2. Loose bearings
3. Worn spindles or hubs
 Or is this normal for this car?

Thanks for any feedback!

Jerry Fields

UWW T&IR #1327  DoD #1697
'83 XS 400 Maxim  '87 SR5 4x4   '87 5KCST
'74 SL433F  '73 440 Chetah   '73 Olympic 335
Whitewater, Wisconsin