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Re: Club activities

>Well Eric, if you could show us a financial statement proving that!!!  We'll

>be reasonable, lets say, um ...  30 minutes. I am sure all on the list will 
>be disassociating themselves from AoA & their cars if this is not dealt with



Your missing the point.... If the QCUSA is such a good thing then why did 
AoA withdraw support?  I asked the original question of what about the 
financials because I read in the Quartlery that the club is saying that; 
The Newsletter is too expensive, the Events are too expensive, therefore 
we must increase our revenues....  BTW Help us tell Audi how important we 
are in generating sales....   If the QCUSA wants my help for free at 
their revenue generating events I want to see how the dollars are being 
spent, and being a member of the "Club" I have that right.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO