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Techron part zwei

I just went down to my local auto parts to look for some Techron to send 
to Dan (yeah, right (: ). Anyway, I was greeted no less than 3 kinds of 
"stuff" that's labeled with Techron. The three I eyeballed were Fuel 
Injector Cleaner, Gas Treatment, and simply, Clean-Up.

One would lead to think that Fuel Injector Cleaner would be the obvious 
answer -- but when I looked at the information on the back, all three 
were the same! The only difference between them is the price -- with 
Clean-Up at $4.99 a pop. I bought the Clean-Up so just in case that I 
got the right one and don't have to go back again.

Before I use the stuff, I would like to know -- did I get the right 

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