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Re: 1987 4KCSQ questions(new owner)


In a message dated 96-05-07 19:26:19 EDT, you write:

>	I just purchased a 1987 4000CS Quattro, and have alot of questions not
>answered in the archives. So here goes.


>1.  Does the 4kcsq have a lower front grill?  It looks as though it should
>mine seems to be missing it.


>2.  What is the purpose of the lenses(light?) at front bumper level to the
>inside of the turn signal lenses?  Is it where a fog light should go?

Reflectors...If you had the Euro version that is where the fog lights would
go.  However, because of the US bumper laws there is a steel bumper behind
the reflectors.  Not enough room to mount ANYTHING there.

>3.  How do you reset the OXS idiot light?  I have heard there is a button
>behind the instrument panel but have not been able to find it.

Actually there is a recess that you insert a small screwdriver into to reset
the counter.  Best bet is to invest in a Bentley manual.  One of the best
investments an Audi owner can make!!!  

Oxygen sensor, elapsed mileage counter, resetting...remove the instrument
cluster cover (4 screws)...pull cover toward steering wheel and lift cover
off of instrument cluster...along the top of the instrument cluster circuit
board you will find a small plastic tab about midway on the speedo section
(or about a 1/4 inch square hole if the tab has previously been broken off
for a reset)...break off the tab (if still exists) and insert a small
screwdriver and press very gently toward rear of car to reset
light...reassemble in reverse order...simple once you find the hole.

>4. Has anyone successfully installed 6x9 speakers in the back deck?

Yup...not me though.  I have Boston Acoustics Plate speakers that did not
require cutting of precious Audi parts...