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V8Q:Looking for Audi mechanic in Southern California

Got his e-mail and thought I'd put it out there for any q-listers who might be able to give some mechanic recommendations to Tien Lin  (PlayerUSA@aol.com).

-Vikram Kumar

From: 	PlayerUSA@aol.com[SMTP:PlayerUSA@aol.com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, May 07, 1996 2:59 PM
To: 	vikram@mindspring.com
Subject: 	Where to find a good man to fix my Audi?

Dear Mr. Kumar:

Thank you for this web page, hope you help me on the situation, Thanks.

I own a 1990 Audi V8, Quottro, Automatic.

On Oct-95, My car just couldn't start, (can start but can not run smothly), a
friend introduce me to tow to a repair shop in Englewood, California (Los
Angeles area).

The owner said it was the valve problem, No compression on couple valves....
He have me pay 3,000.00 to repair it.

That's how the nightmare starts..............

The next 6 months he just could not make the car run, He said that he's done
his valve job, other than that, not his problem, Of course before he say this
to me, I know he's been send my car to everywhere, even the dealship in Santa
Monica, CA.

The computer control unit been check, They change the flow meter, and a lot
of eletronic parts are explored on(undernenth) the right front

Anyway we have a argue (of course) then I just have to TOW my car back again.

Can you tell me where I can have this car fixed in Southern california? I
need a very good machanich to help me, I really appreciate your kindness.

My phone number (818) 968 9658, If you can call me that will be great, or
just e-mail me, please and thanks.


Tien Lin