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200tqw suspension upgrades

	A few words of tribute and then I'll tell you my plans.

	For the past several months I have been laying out the plan to 
create a monster out of the 89 200tqw that calls my garage [sometimes] 
home.  Since I believe a horse is only as good as its legs, suspension 
was my first goal.  Looked everywhere and talked to everyone.  Let me 
give you some free advice, save your time and energy and write 
STEADIRIC@aol.com first, not last.  Gotta tell you, talked w/ some nice 
guys, and some real asses [amazing to me some of the "big" names stay in 
business--what attitudes!!], but Eric has been absolutely super.

	Saturday, I go to St. Louis to install the whole suspension 
shabang [less bushings for now].  Not only has Eric designed an Audi 
specific setup [lottso weight out front--as you know], but he drives what 
he sells [are you listening Joe?].  This is what he has done for me:

		Since I've got business in St. Louis at the
		end of this week, he has got a bay and man
		that wrenches Audi susp. waiting on me.  Then,
		move up the road for a 4 wheel alignment.  Parts
		will be there when the car gets there. 

	I don't know how much info Eric is making public [specs on setup] 
about this, so I won't publish the nerdy stuff here, but, having BTDT 
before, this sounds right on the money boys and girls!  Write him.

	Now, for disclaimers.  Eric doesn't even know I'm writing this.  
I'm paying the going rate--all the way down the line.  Just think there 
are so many f'in snakes out there in the "performance" world that when 
you find someone that walks what he talks we outta share it w/ one another.

	BTW, I only know Eric through this list.  If he hadn't come 
through, I'd probably be TAP'n him now, instead of praising.  I will post 
an update on the objective / subjective stuff early next week.  Gonna 
have a bad motha here soon!!!!! [yes, it is hard to type w/ your fingers 


89 200tqw [850R killer 2B]; 87 5kw; 91 200t; 89 100q [for sale]