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Little Bro steps up.

My dad left a note on my answering machine tonight that he's gonna buy my
little brother an '86 Audi 4000s from Cary (the guy that I got my Quantum
from).  It's a deep burgundy (the only red I like) and has some front end
damage (Cary buys these things at auctions - he got a mechanically sound,
running '86 Quantum GL5 wagon with minor front end damage for $150, I5,
5-speed and all).  I'm kinda mad that my brother gets an Audi before I do.
Then again, my first Audi will without a doubt be a quattro.  BTW, there's
a silver '86 4k quattro in decent shape for sale here in Auburn.  They're
asking $4250, which is high.  But they're accepting offers.  I can get a
phone number if anyone's interested.  

I do need to get a bumper and bumper cover for John's new 4ks.  Anyone
near either Alabama or Upstate South Carolina (USA obviously) know of any
available?  The car is in Spartanburg, South Carolina where my parents
live.  Anywhere from Atlanta to Charlotte would be a decent trip.  Thanks
for the help.

Lucky dog.

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA