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Re: questions (QCUSA)

>The board will be meeting may 20th to discuss member concerns and issues.
> Any information regarding club matters, financial or otherwise, will be
>directed to club members through the newsletter or individual mailings.

I guess as a 5000s driver and not as a Q owner, I am not privy to the
internal matters of the QCUSA.

Sorta like going to a store and being told. "No, I may not tell you
anything thing about this widget. But if you buy it, you can find out all
about it."

No refunds of course.

Isn't it wonderful that $36 can buy me an intermittent wiper relay. And
probably a can of K&N oil too. At least those 2 things can go such a long

The more they say. The less I know. And it's not Karen's fault.
Back to brake parts shopping.

Ernest Wong