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Re: "up shift" indicator out on 85' 4ksq

On Thu, 9 May 1996, WILLIE FONG, SMF1 ENGINEERING, (916) 888.4631 wrote:
> Three months ago, i purchased a 4ksq with 129K miles, the "up shift" 
> indicator just recently went out, but was working. The original owner 
> thought i may have problems with the engine now, since that indicator is 
> part of a govenor for the fuel injection and or engine...according to him.
> I thought it may just be the bulb?, Engine's running fine.........I'm new 
> to Audis, but learning quick; any help would be appreicated

'Ya want to sell your car?  I'm in the market for a 4kq, and I'll take 
any one that I can find, but one without that blasted upshift light would 
be perfect!  That thing drives me up the wall, but I have learned to 
ignore it.  My dad's has been out since the car was new...how nice.  
No, there ain't nuthin wrong with your car, you're just lucky!