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Re: ABS contoller interchangability...

In a message dated 96-05-10 00:34:54 EDT, you write:

>NO!  You should NOT be able just as easy to change the controller.  Here is
>why.  On my 88 90, the splines on the CV joint are what is read (all ABS 
>AUdis use this) by the sensor.  BUT, Through my whole ordeal of trying
>to get a new CV joint, Linda sent me a few of the wrong ones.  They have
>different splines on the joint.  THUS, the computer will read an inacurrate
>speed.  I put one on not even realizing, and my car pulled to the right 
>severely.  Shut ABS off and it was fine.  Now, if you want to change 
>controllers, just make sure that the CV joint splines are the same
>on the car you pull one from.  If not, then you are wasting your money.

.....  Be careful here, that would not necessarily mean that the CONTROLLER
is different, read the Bosch part number would still be my advice.....
 Whether the spines are different or not affects the timing of the pulse TO
the CONTROLLER, but I might propose that if you had changed ALL your splines
to the same type, your ABS would have been fine, maybe better or worse for
your particular car is up for grabs....  This might be the way Bosch
compensates for different chassis "interpretation" of "impending lockup" by
the controller......  THE PART NUMBER is key....  The signal to it is a hall
effect A/C voltage, I'm kinda surprised your Controller did not shut the abs
down the first time you set the brakes, but maybe the signal was not far
enough out of the diagnostic window....  

Beware of differing splines, you bet, but ck the Bosch number if you are
changing controllers, I'll bet many q apps of 80's vintage are
interchangeable (that is the audi and Bosch way) YOU CANNOT use a controller
for a non q car on a q car however....