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Re: quattro-digest V3 #456

OK South West Rally Fans, Here is a responce I got to volunteering
us Q heads for course workers.

<<<<<<<<<<<reply from Mike & Paula Gibeult>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Paul, sounds great!  You're certainly going to be on the Rim worker 
mailing for next year.

Please call the following people for info about upcoming events:

Aug. 10, Gorman Ridge out of Frazier Park.  Donna Chizma (she is also 
California Rally Series director so a good contact).  (805) 523-1387

Sept. 7, Treeline out of Palmdale.  Bob and Adrienne Scott (818) 

Oct. 5, Prescott Forest, Prescott Arizona.  Jeff Hendricks (520) 

East of Indio, Date tba or possible Indio to Las Vegas event.  Roger 
Allison, (909) 736-1442.

See you out there!!  Paula