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Filter "Comparo"

> From: Michael Spiers <mikes@specnet.com>
> > Just came back from the dealership to buy a part.  At the parts counter,
> > the guy in charge had three oil filters dismantled and on display, when I
> > asked him why, he showed me... he had a Fram filter, a Canadian Tire
> > filter (aka Walmart), and then an Autobahn filter.  The Autobahn had
> > *twice* the filter paper, the pressure valve, and weighed twice as much.
> > It also cost 3 times the price of the others, but $18 is a small price to
> > pay.

Mike - get your hands on an Amsoil filter and try the same thing.  
The filteration material is about ONE INCH thick all around..and 
it's about half the price of the Autobahn.  I've been using them for 
19 years!  It makes the Fram's material look like onionskin!

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