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Re: "Electronic Ignition" light on dash

Stephen Siblock writes:
> You know the light, it has a picture of an engine with an electrical bolt 
> through it.  Personally, I think they should change the picture to a 
> dollar sign... "$"
> Anyway, mine comes on when I accelerate in conditions like passing a 
> vehicle or going onto an on-ramp.  Other than that it does not come on 
> and my car seems to humm along just fine.  
> Ideas for me to tinker with this weekend?

If your car is a turbo 5000/200 then you can display the fault
memory to figure out what's wrong.  The exact procedure varies
depending on the year of the car, and is documented in the Bentley

My guess is that you may either have knock sensor trouble or
an intake air temp sensor problem.

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