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1981 Coupe for sale

I have added a new car to my garage and, sadly, there is no room for my 1981
Coupe. Here are the particulars.

This car was purchased in Eugene, OR in June 1981 by a good friend of mine. The
first Coupes were imported to the US in June 81, and this was the first sold by
the particular dealer. The car is currently registered in California.

My friend took exquisite care of the car, only driving 92,000 miles until I
purchased it a couple of years ago. As any Audi-lover will know, I've put a
small fortune into the car and it is in extermely good condition.

What's new or nearly new? Tires, brakes, water pump, exhaust system, clutch,
timing belt, battery, oxygen sensor, full tune-up, fuse block, cheap Sony
AM/FM/Cassette; I could go on. Suffice it to say, I've got about $6k in the
car. The car drives as if it was new.

The car is Indiana Red with dark grey interior. The dash has a crack (why not?)
but also has a dash cover. It also has a rear deck cover and new floor mats.

The car has never been wrecked or damaged in any way. In fact, it doesn't even
have the standard door bangs we all expect.

What doesn't work? The front two speakers, cruise control, rear washer is
disconnected (but does work), seat belt buzzer (Yes!).

I'd like to get $2900 for the car. I'm sure that's at or over high book, but
there are few first-year coupes as nice as this one. The price is negotiable,
but a good Audi-loving home is a must.

Please email me if interested.


Rob Reesor		     415/919-1975 x 313 (pseudo direct)
  Net Contents, Inc.         415/WET-WINE       (main)
  Virtual Vineyards	     415/919-1977       (fax)
    reesor@virtualvin.com    www.virtualvin.com