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Re: Re Retirement

You laugh, Paul, but you are not far off mark.  :-)

One of the standard off-season (no snow) training techniques is to work the
dogs behind a 4-wheeler for training for both physical strength/endurance
and obedience to voice commands.  Unfortunately, my dogs, like their "head
dawg", are getting older.  You don't work the geriatric huskies like that,
just the younger ones.

Thanks one and all for the well-wishes.

Hmmmm.  Let's see...  Audi content...  Uh....  I got it!  My four-wheeler
*should* be a four-ringer.  :-)

At 04:10 PM 5/11/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Congats to Bob Myers on his retirement.
>Are you going to start that long overdue
>husky powered snow vehicle that rumor
>has you specing out?  ;-)
>paul timmerman
>socal qcusa pres
>82 Ur-Q (Hot Rod Lincoln in Lederhosen
>84 Coupe GT The car that goes clunk
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