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Re: Control Arm Bushings

At 11:18 AM 5/11/96 -0400, you wrote:
>     John,
>     Did you ever find out which is the right control arm bushing part for
>     TQC? I need to order the parts for mine. I believe there are two
>     part numbers?
>     Thanks and regards, Mike
Hi, Mike.  I swear I posted something on this.  There are two possibles.
The early '83s and earlier use the none sleeved part.  The late '83s through
'85 use the 4kq, sleeved bushings.  What is not clear is whether the new
part can be retrofitted into the old control arms.  The dealer says no, but
they've been wrong before.  The bushings for the early coupes and VW dashers
supposedly fit the early TQCs.  I haven't confirmed this since I've been
very busy and don't need them right now.  I don't know the part numbers.


John Karasaki

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