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> The fax number of 01793-722948 appears to be incorrect.  I tried it for a
> couple of hours with no pick up and once getting a woman who hung up
> before I could grab the handset.  Could you verify this number?

A month or so ago, I tried faxing a letter to them but it wouldn't transmit
properly.  After several tries, I dialed the fax number myself to see if it
would connect ... to my surprise, it did!  The person I spoke with -- Alred
or something like that (he's the owner) -- told me the fax machine died and
he hadn't replaced it yet.  It sounds like he still hasn't ... I don't know
about you but this sort of attention-to-detail certainly gives me reason to
reflect on doing business with them.  (In his defense, he proved to be very
helpful and at least SOUNDED very knowledgeable about Audis ... considering
the cost of the call, I kept our conversation as brief as possible.)

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