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Re: S4 for $50.

This post from last week is legit. It's a raffle for the Morrisville (just
north of Stowe), VT humane society. Some local TFBG (trust fund baby girl),
bless her heart, donated her emerald '93 with 37k miles to help get this new
chapter of the humane society up and running. Comes with seperate snows on
rims. Garaged and beautiful, and on a flatbed for display. They are only
selling 1500 tix, but will let the raffle run if they get 500. I may have the
same car in black, but bought a ticket anyway--lower those monthlies and I
can upgrade!!
BTW, it's flurrying here, good old spring in the Green Mountains

Jonathan Fenton  JEFDO@aol.com
'93 S4s