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Re: V8 Power Loss

Hairy green toads from Mars made Randall C. Markarian say:

> Anyway, the V8 has been running very well since the Ox sensor was 
> changed a couple of months ago, but recently, it started to lose power 
> and not just when the engine is cold.  Some things that I have noticed 
> are that the problem is very intermittant.  It is more likey to occur 
> after the cat has been driven and then sat for a while.  Also, when it 
> is down on power, it does not downshift as quickly (requires more 
> throttle before downshifting) as usual.  Then, the next time it is 
> driven, all is fine.
> I keep wondering if it is a sensor going bad or vacuum leak.  Any help 
> will be greatly appreciated.

Since the auto shifter is misbehaving, I'd be thinking vacuum leak.
"More throttle" == "more vacuum" to make it shift. Sometimes, hoses
get soft and collapse inward under a good vacuum. Maybe this is
happening to you.


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