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Re: more boost

Peter Wales generously wrote:

>Now your computer will not retard after 12 - 13 PSI boost and all of your
>safety circuits will still work
>I'm $350 poorer :)

I can vouch that this technique works, as I have used it succuessfully.
Simple clamp circuit.  However, there is one saftey feature that IS
defeated.  The possibility of a stuck wategate and the resulting
system overpressure are not guarded against.  With a clamp circuit, 
there is no way for the ECU to know that the WG is stuck as the voltage
from the pressure transducer cannot tirgger the event.  This is one reason
I have dropped using this technique and gone to using a half bridge 
circuit instead.

Peter is right that a resistor will change the timing.  But if selected
properly, it does not "screw it up".  In fact, the ability to tune the
timing for the Audi I5 is AS IMPORTANT in increasing performance as
increasied boost.  As Bob D'Amotto how it works on his Ur-Q.  He has
run both clamp circuits and half bridges.  

Peter, I hope you don't see this is as bashing.  I welcome your input
to the list, and cringed when things got rather unpleasant in the past.
This is not a challenge just my opinion and results.  See 30-70 posts
for hard data.  I have posted data with clamp circuits and with
halve bridges.  There is no comparison for the Ur-Q's, clamps lose.  
My expereince with 5KTQ's and 5KT's is less, but I believe it applies.

paul timmerman