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Re: oil filters - Mann=OEM

>This brings up a good question.  The local dealer here in Seattle (Barrier)
>wants $17 for an oil filter for my 1990 Coupe Q.  I placed a call to Linda
>at Carlson Audi, and her price was $5.70 for the filter.  Both filters are
>"genuine Audi".
>The only difference I could discern between the two oil filters is the
>"turbo" label on the $17 filter.  That always struct me as odd, since my
>Coupe isn't turbocharged.  Could it be that Barrier was foisting a more
>expensive filter on me, all for the greater glory of their profits?

At one time, MANN (a German company) made the filters for Audi OEM.  I'm not
sure if they still do, but they are good quality and can usually be found at
auto parts stores that specialize in foreign or specifically european cars.
They also make the air and fuel filters too.

 - Mitch Loescher