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Re: Flat paint maintenance

At 01:08 PM 5/14/96 -0500, you wrote:

>	If you can find a source for powder paint, you can do it 
>yourself.  You might check magazine archives, or the library for info on 
>Graydon D. Stuckey								
>Flint, Michigan   USA
>'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage II				
  My dad has a powder paint line, so I have access to powder paint. I could
get powder paint inexpensively if anyone wants some.  The trick is to apply
the paint uniformly.  The best way is to use an electrostatic powder paint
gun.  I don't know how you could get the paint on evenly without
electrostatic.  It is also important to apply the paint to a clean surface
and to cure it correctly.  Different types of powder paint take different
temperatures/times for a proper cure.  Cure temps are somewhere around 350f.
When cured correctly, it can be hit with a hammer without flaking off. BTDT. 

               Michael Loeks
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