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RE: OOOOwww-D 3 for 3 in a close battle!

On Sunday John and Debbie Fessler showed up in their new Toyota Paseo with 105hp and 
only 2000lbs.  

2KLbs? Makes yah wonder if it really belongs in HS.....with see-dans.....and pickup trucks.....
      It came down to 
the last run when I changed my line in one corner and drove better than I had ever done 
before.  I took .7 seconds off of my time!!!!!  I ended up running a 37.114 to beat John 
by almost 15 hundreths of a second!!  Nobody could beliieve I beat him... honestly, I 
was shocked.

Awesome job Steve!

This had to be the best race of my short career (if you can call it that)!!!  I think I 
have finally proven that the heavy old quattro can win against a great car with a great 
driver.  It should be a very competitive year... I can't wait!

 The medium speed corners generated a lot of wheelspin coming out of the exits as the 
engine was in its power curve.  The wheelspin cost me a lot of time.  Also, the car wa 
oversteering for the first time.   

Yer gittin all loose & squirrelly now!     :)

After the second run, I deciided to try and lock the 
center  diff to eliminate the wheel spin, improve braking, and eliminate the oversteer. 
 It worked like a charm.  The car ran awesome!  I actually was able to spin the inside 
front AND rear tires exiting one corner.  Several specatators said it was quiite a 
sight... I wish I had seen it.

Yep. Exactly. You are really pushing it now. The reduction/elimination of wheelspin when exiting tight auto-x corners by locking the rear diff makes a HUGE difference, or in your case the center diff, perhps even more than the effect of reducing understeer when I lock only the rear. When you are really pushing the car to the limits on extremely tight auto-x corners and it is very very 'loose' seems to be when locking the diff helps most, or if you have mucho extra power (TQC). When Mark Besso (VW racer extroadinaire sp?) took FFD AND FTD in the Fundsalo Racing 4KQ his first runs were without the diff locked and he was well off my pace. Once he tried with the diff locked he was like >1 sec AHEAD of me. Steve, was your 'killer run' with the diff locked?

Eric & Scott - do you guys ever have serious problems on RR courses with wheelspin in those BIGBIG HP 5Ks?

Next weekend is a test session that I do not know if I can attend.  The weekend after 
that is the first Central Division series race in KY.  I can hardly wait!

Steven Verona
86 Audi 4000q
Can I call it a "killer" H Stock car yet? ;-)
YES-KILLER! Keep up the good work and the excellent reports!

Killer Fundsalo Racing ex-HS 84 4KQ and '93 SCCA NEDIV HS Champ (much self back-patting, thankyouverymuchindeedyes)