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RE: 82 Ur q ECM swap question

I recently aquired an '82 Not So Ur q, a car I have lusted after since I
first read reviews of it 13 years ago.  

Nice aquisition!

As the name implies, the car has a
few modifications/ upgrades to which I will be adding a few of my own.
 Currently the car has a Koni/Eibach suspension, 15 x 8 Ronal R8s, Bursch
exhaust, ABT taxi dash w/ boost, temp, oil pressure gages and most notibly an
'86 MC engine (I still have the original w/ spun rod bearing).  

Interested in selling that old 'junk' engine?

My problem is that the car detonates if allowed over 8 pounds of boost on the
best gas I can get here (91 octane).  My '86 5ktq could run 15 pounds with no
detonation.  My guess is that the timing in the earlier ECM is calibrated for
the lower compression original engine.  

Sounds like a good bet.

I have planned on adding a newer
MAC-11 or MAC-14 ECM to match the engine and provide better engine control.
 I have a complete harness and associated FI parts from an '89 200TQ (2 knock
sensors) which will go in if possible.  My question is, are the flywheel pins
in the same place as later MC engines?  I know the MAC-11 reads the flywheel
teeth and TDC pin and the older computer reads TDC and two other pins for its

My real point/question: Are you sure about the 'two other pins'? I have been trying to find out what these suckers are for with no success. The 'two other pins' on my 85 ur-q's flywheel, on the clutch side, are nowhere near either of the crank sensors and I'm sure my 85 has the 'older computer'. On my 85 the TDC sensor looks at the single pin on the engine side of the flywheel, the RPM sensor looks at the flywheel teeth. Are you positive that 'older computers' use these 'two other pins'? What older computers?

The Bentley manual shows these same two pins on the 4000Q flywheel and I believe that the 4000Q is not crank-fired.....


'only fools are positive'
'are you sure?'
'I'm positive!'