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'90 90 QC Rear Wiper Control, Hatch Rattle

I recently purchased a '90 90 Quattro Coupe, my third Audi.  It's a
wonderful car, but I have a few problems that I need some advice on.

First, I have discovered that the control mechanism for the rear wiper is
missing!  It should be the same lever that controls the front wipers, but it
does not pivot away from the steering wheel.  I am wondering if this car
had the controls from a 90 sedan either installed or replaced.  The folks
at Audi customer service said that it is highly unlikely that this is a
manufacturing blunder.  Does anyone know if the sedan and coupe
have interchangeable steering column controls?

Second, I have also noticed a rattling from the rear that is probably a
loose hatch, a common problem with some coupes apparently.  The
Technical Service Bulletin advises replacement of the latch mechanism
and the gasket seals.  Since my car is out of warranty I was thinking
about doing this myself if it is easy enough.  I don't have many tools,
supplies, or a repair manual yet.  Does anyone have experience with
this one?

Finally, does anyone know anything about Audi's willingness to grant
policy adjustment provisions for defects on out of warranty cars?  If I
can get them to foot the bill, I will have these problems taken care of by
a dealership, but my local one dropped Audi last year, so the closest
one is 2 hours away.

TIA, and I look forward to participating in future discussions!

(Sorry about the length of this one.)
Eric Renneisen