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RE: Big Brother in Mass....

On Wednesday. Ian Duff said> 

> Do you have a front plate, and simply neglected to mount it, or did you
> need to get a second plate and mount it in the front? I only received
> one plate when I registered my 90 a few years ago, and simply
> transferred the reg to my CQ when I traded last year. Am I in deep
> doodoo?

Two years ago, when I bought the CQ and registered it, I was given
two plates (the red, white, and blue Mass. Plates.  I never mounted 
the front one, never had a problem.

Now the registry is making sure that the stations check for it...

Didn't the State Police recently start using Laser Radar....

Hmmmm....highly reflective vertical surface mounted on the front of the


Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q