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Heat synch.

Silly Audi.
Why oh WHY did they use pathetic GM parts for their climate control 
system? I went to the boneyard today to find a replacement heat synch. 
There's about 40 Audi 5000s there, and EVERY SINGLE ONE had the heat 
synch missing. Its a VERY common failure part. 

My Audi 84 5000s ONLY shoots heat at me, and thats it! I cant cool the 
car, or even shut the heat off. In summer, I'm gonna bake!
I went to GM a while ago and asked them about it. Apparently the part is 
used in some Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles with climate control. GM wants 
$200! GEEZ!

I think the Audi Gods need a backhand for using inferior parts in our 
German machinery! :) (Looking up) Just kidding guys!