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RE: A4 front license plate (was: Big Brother in Mass..)

If it's not factory, did the dealer do it? Maybe you can go after them
for shoddy workmanship and have them replace the bumper cover...

Just a thought.
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>Subject: 	A4 front license plate (was: Big Brother in Mass..)
>Speaking of front license plates, I'd like to take the one on my
>A4Q off.  I tried doing so, and found that there are four ugly
>holes drilled through the front bumper cover to mount the
>license plate frame.  These holes are not even symmetric or
>even.  They look like they were done as an afterthought.  Very
>This is unlike my other Audis where the bumper holes were
>factory original and can be covered with nice plastic caps.
>I can't think of a graceful way to cover these up, especially
>that the car (and therefore the bumper) is in pearlescent white,
>short of replacing the whole front bumper cover.  That would
>be excessively expensive just for this purpose...).
>Any collective wisdom out there?  Do all you other A4 owners
>out there have the same ugly holes on your front bumpers?
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