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V8 O2 Sensor check....

This e-mail is to Eliot Lim, but if anybody else knows the answers
by all means send it along :-)

The questions:

I took my new shiny Sunpro 7678 meter and measured the Sensor
wire on the V8 with it running.  I started it after sitting overnight
and the sensor measured .440 +/_ .002 or so. I ran  for about 5-7
minutes and the sensor went as low as .436 and as high as .442.

Then I shut off the car and restarted it, the sensor jumped .458 and
settled in again to .441 with a second or so.

This seems to be ok, yes ?

Then put the 7678 on 200 ohms scale and measured across
the heater wires with the engine off.  I get 5.2  Is this correct ?

Thanks for your help everybody, although I know there a couple other
people with V8's having similar problems, sooooo if I figure this out
with everybodys help I have a feeling there will be a couple of
other V8s running better as well :-)

Mike (sitting patiently by his PC waiting for a response...:-) L.
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