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Re: V8 Saga...

On 19 May 1996, Michael LaRosa wrote:

> Thank You very much Eliot for faxing me the excerpts from the Bentley manual.

er, i don't believe it is a bentley.  it is a factory manual that you got
the stuff from.  i don't believe that these are available to regular
owners though...

> It's mentions a fuse for the O2 sensor heater.  I never thought to think that
> there may be a fuse in this equation ?  (I checked the 100 and there isn't...)

the v8 is a very different beast from all the others.. (these are
extensively documented in the training guide) i suspect that the a8 will
be even more so.

> Fuse #5 was blown.... replaced and it definitely runs a lot better :-)  still a
> very slight surge though....
> Thanks Everybody especially Graydon D. Stuckey and Eliot Lim for
> the assistance :-)

first time i actually successfully helped someone fix a car!  glad to be
of help.