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Fwd: Re: Yellow Coupe Quattro & Mileage


>In a message dated 96-05-17 01:30:26 EDT, you write:

>>1990 Tech Bulletin lists "Ginster Yellow" as a Coupe color, paint 
>>M3M3, L# LY1A (whatever that means).

>.... Yes, and according to a audi afficianado I spoke with at grattan 
>has more details on what audi has sold in his head than I have phone 
>said 9 were registered in the states, 2 were show cars (1 than 
>Francois spun
>the bearing on at grattan)....  Sounds like CO might have more than 
>the lions


I've seen one of these around Northwestern U. here in Evanston, 
Illinois.  Seems like a cool color, kind of subdued pastel.  Just for 
the record I've also seen here in Evanston: black CQ (2), pearl white 
CQ (1), red CQ (1), silver CQ (1), titanium gray CQ (mine).  I've also 
seen about 3 or 4 other coupes in and around Chicagoland.  Seem there's 
lots of these puppies around here.


"Q COUP 91"